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Meet the Man Behind the Speech

Attorney Lee R. Phillips is a Counselor of the United States Supreme Court. He has three university degrees-BS, MS, JD - and has held licenses in real estate, mortgage brokering, securities, and life insurance, as well as being a registered investment advisor. Lee is nationally recognized in the fields of business structure, asset protection, financial planning and estate planning. He is the founder of LegaLees Corporation, a company specializing in solving asset protection and tax problems for high net worth individuals.

After graduating, from one of the nation's top 25 law schools, he practiced law as a patent attorney. Later, he spent five years in the dual position of Assistant General Counsel and Associate Director of Research at the nation's largest private university. Author of nineteen books, Lee serves on the editorial boards of several professional publications and has been a regular author for several magazines including Monetary Intelligence, Broker News and Physician's Money Digest. (See Publications.) His book, Trust Me, is a Time-Warner Book-of-the-Month Club selection. His new book, Protecting Your Financial Future, exposes the legal "loopholes" the rich use to make more money.

Lee is a man with a mission. He never dreamed of being an asset protection/tax lawyer, but life isn't what you expect. At age 27, Lee spent five months in a university hospital intensive care unit, and he watched the legal system take everything he and his young family had. He understands first hand the importance of asset protection, and he wants to help others avoid personal disasters. You don't have to become a lawyer, but whether you are a professional, executive, small business owner, employee, or someone who works at home, you had better take a close look at what Lee's presentation can offer you, if you want to survive and thrive in today's lawsuit happy society.

In Lee's career, as one of the nation's most engaging, dynamic speakers, he has given over 3000 event presentations throughout the US, Canada and the Pacific Rim. He has helped over a million people understand the law and how to use it to make more money and protect their assets. His ability to present critical information in a clear entertaining manner has made him a highly sought-after guest on hundreds of radio and television shows. His presentations walk you through how to make money and how to keep it using the "tools of wealth." Nobody ever gets rich without understanding the "tools" that create and protect wealth.

Currently Lee and his wife split their time between their two homes. Their primary residence is on Siesta Key in the blue Gulf of Mexico, but Lee grows fruit trees and a big vegetable garden in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.


9/17/22 Robyn Thompson Event, Branson MO
9/22/22 Lee Phillips Two Day Virtual Boot Camp
10/1/22 Robyn Thompson Event, Hartford CT
10/2/22 Dutch Mendenhall Event, Houston TX
10/15/22 Ron Ipach Event, Cincinnati OH
10/17/22 Greenville SC, Carolinas REIA
10/18/22 Asheville NC, Carolinas REIA

Protecting Your Financial Future

What Others Are Saying...

"You were a tremendous success. We had awesome feedback and tremendous support. My clients are a sophisticated group of medical professionals, so they're a tough audience, and you did very well with them."

--Dr. Jerry Jones, REBC Dentists Group

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