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What Event Hosts Are Saying About Lee

"Over the last 6 years I've had numerous speakers come to our events. When I look for a speaker, I look for several qualities. One, dynamic and interesting. Two, relevant topic for the group. Three, audience satisfaction with the talk and anything they purchase. Four, ease to deal with. You've demonstrated consistently that you are one of the top tier speakers that I've come across in the last 6 years. My attendees love you and your talks, and I've received many testimonials of thanks. You and your staff are very professional." -- Rory Fatt, Restaurant Owners Association

"Mr. Fatt, Bless you for bringing in Mr. Phillips to your seminar. His information is worth compensation beyond comprehension." --Suzy Cammack

"Thank you for speaking at our event. You did a great job. People loved your ideas!" --David Finkel, Mentor Financial

"Thank you so much for taking the time to participate in the OREIA Convention. You truly were inspirational." --Bill Treciak, OREIA

"Our October meeting with Mr. Lee Phillips was tremendous! Lee spoke to us on two levels. He spoke as an attorney specializing in asset protection and tax saving strategies. Then he spoke on a personal level telling us the horrifying story of his personal near death bout with cancer and how he had personal reasons to learn and apply these same strategies." --Joe Bowman, Broward County Investors Association

"I had Lee Phillips speak at my most recent bootcamp for chiropractors. Lee is an excellent presenter and I highly recommend Lee as a presenter at your next event. I have had nothing but good comments from my attendees about his presentation and how valuable his information was to them. In fact, a lot of the attendees chose to purchase additional information from Lee at the end of his talk. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions." --Dr. Erich Breitenmoser, Practice Wealth

"Lee Phillips was touted as one of our premier speakers. Everyone was looking forward to having him at our event! His presentation kept the audience involved and they loved every last minute of it! He is the most un-boring un-lawyer like lawyer I have ever met. After his presentation, many of our clients thanked me for inviting him to come, letting me know that he was one of the best speakers they heard!" --Dr. Ed O'Keefe, Dentist Profits Group

Unsolicited Attendee Testimonials

"Everyone needs this. Thank you so much for showing me what to do and how to do it. I would be glad to talk to anyone and give them my feelings if they would like to call me." --C. H., Bakersfield, CA

"Your material has aided me innumerable times. Your basic information has given me knowledge to influence transactions and 'stand tall with the legal profession' on many occasions. My actions as a real estate broker and business consultant have been enlightened. Lee, without the information in your material, it would have been impossible to accomplish what I have done." --H.M., Yuma, AZ

"I am writing this letter to tell you how impressed I am with your Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth program. I have had your program for some time now, but each time I go back through the information I am equally impressed." --C. W., Tremonton, Utah

"I really enjoyed your presentation three weeks ago. I've also been delighted with your tapes and syllabi." --B.C., Norwalk, CA

"Anyone who takes the time to follow his excellent advice will save money, frustration, and anxiety." --J. K., Mesa, AZ

"For the first time, I now have solid information to use so that I can ask my attorney the right questions." --E. J., Westerville, OH

"I no longer feel at the mercy of my CPA or lawyer." --K. H., Landers, CA

"Best lecture - best materials! 'Bar' none. Thanks!" --K. V., Silverdale, WA

"The seminar and the associated materials were great. I am becoming your student. I hold an MBA degree from UCLA and am a CPA in the State of California. Keep up the good work." --O. P., Los Angeles, CA

"Please tell Lee Phillips that I am learning a lot from his materials, and I am grateful that there are people like him, who are willing to help the 'little guys' with asset protection." --J. Hawkins

"My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you during the seminar. Your talk was both enlightening and humorous." --V. W., Bonney Lake, WA

"This course has been invaluable to me. I am very grateful to Lee. It is one of the best investments I've ever made." --P.G., Boston, MA


9/17/22 Robyn Thompson Event, Branson MO
9/22/22 Lee Phillips Two Day Virtual Boot Camp
10/1/22 Robyn Thompson Event, Hartford CT
10/2/22 Dutch Mendenhall Event, Houston TX
10/15/22 Ron Ipach Event, Cincinnati OH
10/17/22 Greenville SC, Carolinas REIA
10/18/22 Asheville NC, Carolinas REIA

Protecting Your Financial Future

What Others Are Saying...

"You were a tremendous success. We had awesome feedback and tremendous support. My clients are a sophisticated group of medical professionals, so they're a tough audience, and you did very well with them."

--Dr. Jerry Jones, REBC Dentists Group

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