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Speech Topics

Lee is able to speak to your group on a variety of different subjects. He is also able to customize his topics to your particular group. Below are three of Lee's most popular topics:



The economic and legal game is changing fast in today's fluctuating economy. It looks like IRS is being repositioned to redistribute wealth. You know the change will have a significant effect on your money making potential. You may have already felt the first shock waves hit your bottom line. From a lawyer's perspective, there are a number of things that can be done to help you and your business survive and thrive.

Lee will help you understand how to use legal vehicles that will help you save taxes, avoid frivolous litigation and identity theft. Letís face it if you make money, you are targeted as "rich." Donít let yourself become a hated target. It's your blood, sweat, and tears that have gotten you where you are. In today's economic and legal environment, everything you've worked your whole life for is exposed and could be lost in an instant.

Lee Phillips uniquely understands that you just want to make a good living and maybe even do better than just make a living. His story of how he lost his ability to make a living and the trials he overcame to be where he is today is a much more motivating message than most motivational speakers can ever deliver. There isn't anything he is going to talk about that he hasn't been through. Because he's been through it, he can lead you out and around the problems a lot better than an attorney who has never been there.

Background: This presentation works well for real estate owners, small business owners, professionals and even retirees who donít want to take a battering. Some are finding that what was secure last year isn't secure anymore. Laws have been put in place to protect people from business failures, frivolous lawsuits, bad business deals, the personal meltdown of one or more partners, and even the IRS, but many folks donít know how to use them. Understanding the big picture of what is happening to the tax laws and the legal structuring necessary to meet the changes will mean a big increase in spendable money.

Purpose: : Lee will describe how to use the legal techniques that will help secure your income and your business success today. He will help you shield yourself and your business from taxes lawsuits and your business against the economic collapse taking place around you.

Points/Topics Covered:

  • Tax and Economic Overview
  • " Personal and Business Threats Under the "New Rules"
    -- Application to Today's Threats
    -- Legal Pockets
  • Benefit/Retirement Planning
  • Identity Theft Avoidance

Results: This program will provide a clearer picture of where the legal and financial threats are coming and how to avoid them. New adaptations of legal tools will be better understood. A path to better security will be laid out, and the pitfalls along the way will be exposed. Each participant should be able to "take home" an extra $5,000 to $20,000 this year by using ideas given in the presentation.

Lee R. Phillips, Attorney and Scientist, is a counselor to the United States Supreme Court and nationally recognized author and speaker in the area of asset protection. His presentation will open people's eyes and show them what can be done to solve some of their biggest concerns. At the same time, they will enjoy a roller coaster of emotions from tears to belly laughs.


Confluence of Business and Personal Planning
How To Keep It

Small Business owners are worried about lawsuits and taxes. They want both personal and business protection against downturns, lawsuits, business failures, illness, or personal tragedies? Plus they want to save tax. Is there something that can be done today to raise the chances of survival in these situations? Bringing the "accounting part" of the business together with the "legal structuring part" of the business is difficult, because the goals and techniques of the lawyers and accountants are often at odds. It is incumbent on the business owner to understand what the pros and cons of the options are, so that they can make their decisions with a full picture in view, rather than relying on the myopic view of either the accountant or attorney.

Lee Phillips can give you the view from both of the professional camps. No, he is not an accountant, but he has had a full time accountant in his office for the past 9 years working with him to maximize profits in his legal structuring practice. He specializes in business and personal tax and legal planning for high net worth individuals. He will mix the business and personal planning in this presentation. Lee will also include lawsuit and asset protection to complete the legal package, because if you are doing the legal planning, you may as well get the full advantage of what the law can do for you.

Background: Financial and legal disasters come to everyone, and often only the prepared survive. In today's lawsuit-happy society, you have a better chance of losing assets due to a legal or financial attack than you do a common thief. Whether it is an identity theft, bad business deal, rogue partner, out of control child, death of a family member, illness, or greedy lawyer, you are at risk every day.

You put locks on your doors and windows to protect valuables inside, but what have you done to protect your assets from a legal or financial attack? When your assets are exposed, you can lose everything you own, even if you didn't make a single mistake. How your assets are exposed to the world makes a huge difference when it comes to how much you can lose. Lawyers have many "tools" that can be used to protect assets, but they seldom do the planning necessary to protect both the business and personal assets in a one seamless plan. (After all, there is more money in cleaning up the mess than there is in preventing the mess.) Nobody ever told Lee he had to prepare before he lost everything -- just because he got sick.

Purpose: Lee will introduce you to the legal tools that can be used for a personal and business asset protection plan. He will show you how you can use them to protect yourself and your business. He will also show you how to use the tools so you can make more money every day.

Points/Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Legal Tools
  • The Attorney's View From Different Sides of the Elephant
    • Threats
    • Asset Protection/Financial Uses of:
      -- Family Limited Partnerships
      -- Corporations
      -- Limited Liability Companies
      -- Trusts
    • ERISA Asset Protection Uses
    • Identity Theft Avoidance

    Results: This program helps overcome the fears people have about asset protection and "legal stuff." Lee will introduce the tools a lawyer has in this tool box (there are a limited number of them) and then show you how to tweak them so an accountant can use them to get more money in a professional or business owner's pocket, without the owner having to work any harder. The tools can also be used for asset protection. You will learn how to balance their use for asset protection and increased income, because in some cases the two uses are not congruent.

    They will learn how to use the legal tools and legal strategies available to address both their business and personal situations, so they can protect their assets and get more financial security.

    Lee R. Phillips, Attorney and Scientist, is a counselor to the United States Supreme Court and nationally recognized author and speaker in the area of asset protection. His presentation will open people's eyes and show them what can be done to solve some of their biggest concerns. At the same time, they will enjoy a roller coaster of emotions from tears to belly laughs.


Wealth through Tax Control
New Tax Strategies for Individuals and Businesses

The IRS is your major impediment to financial success -- either in your personal life or your business life. The only way to control taxes is to know and understand the laws. Accountants plug in the numbers and look for deductions. They never recommend legal structures and do much "planning." They simply won't accept the liabilities associated with giving you the legal options you have to lower taxes. You have never had an accountant send you to a lawyer to have your affairs structured in order to permit him (the accountant) to lower your tax burden. Families and businesses can use a number of legal mechanisms to help lower taxes. Obviously, for professionals working their own shop and for small business owners, the line between business tax savings and personal tax savings is blurred. Both personal and business planning techniques become applicable.

Purpose: Lee will expose the tax planning opportunities a lawyer brings to the table when a professional or small business owner seeks counsel to lower their tax burden. The full impact of taxes on one's ability to get ahead financially will be demonstrated and understood. This program gives the participant an overview of the tax disasters and asset protection disasters that are lurking around every corner. It will then show how legal tools can be used to lay the legal foundation necessary to build a large financial fortune. You can't build a house from the roof down. You have to have a foundation. Likewise, you can't build a financial fortune from the roof down. Every wealthy person has a legal foundation. The foundations are all different, but the tools used to build the foundations are the same. You will be shown different ways the tools can be used to build your foundation and reposition yourself in the tax world. There are two sets of tax laws in the United States - one rich people use, and one everybody else uses. Both are perfectly legal. The question is, "If you want to be rich, which set of laws do you have to use?"

Points/Topics Covered:

  • The Full Impact of Taxes
  • Tools an Attorney has to Control Taxes
  • Asset Protection Value of the Tools
  • Structuring Personal and Business Affairs to Get the Best Tax Results
  • The Most Useful of the 11 Tax Shelters Left in the IRS Code

Results: Participants will be able to direct their attorneys and accountants in structuring their business or personal life in such a manner as to permit them to pay less in taxes. They will also know the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion. Thus, they won't fall for the tax scams that are often pitched to people who are paying too much in taxes. Participants will see how the legal avenues an attorney has to help control taxes can also be used for asset protection.

Lee R. Phillips, Attorney and Scientist, is a counselor to the United States Supreme Court and nationally recognized author and speaker in the areas of tax planning, asset protection, and wealth accumulation. He is the author of 19 books and has given thousands of live presentations. His presentation will be entrancing. Yes, he is talking legal and tax stuff, but the 90 minutes he uses will go like lightning. His reputation and service to those who want to get ahead financially is outstanding.


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"You were a tremendous success. We had awesome feedback and tremendous support. My clients are a sophisticated group of medical professionals, so they're a tough audience, and you did very well with them."

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